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Difference between older D2 LC1D contactors and newer LC1D contactors

Published date: 13 May 2019

What is the difference between the older D2 style contactors where aux contacts had to be specified and the newer LC1D contactors?

Product Line:
TeSysD contactors

US product

Crossing into new units from old units require a review of differences

The older D2 style contactors required a specification of needed auxiliary contacts.  For example:

LC1D2501G6 would be an LC1D25 with 1 NC contact
LC1D2510G6 would be an LC1D25 with 1 NO contact

The newer contactors automatically come with 1 NO and 1 NC auxiliary contact.  For example:
LC1D25G7 has 1 NO and 1 NC contact

The older contactors usually had a dedicated 60hz coil.  This is designated by the 6 at the end of the part number.  The newer contactors have coils designed for 50/60hz and are signified by the 7 at the end of the part number.

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