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How does AC Support work on my Conext SW-NA unit?

Published date: 09 December 2017

The AC Support feature seems to be pulling more power from the utility/generator than expected in the grid support mode

Product Line:
Conext SW-NA only

Conext SW connected mainly to the grid to offset grid usage with battery or excess DC power.

The way the Conext SW unit uses AC Support is very much different from the behavior of Grid Support in the XW and XW+ units.  It will still use excess power on the DC bus to power loads, but they way the power is distributed is much different on the Conext SW.  

AC Support on the Conext SW injects current based on the lowest amount of load on either L1 or L2.  The remaining difference will be supplied by the AC Input source.

Given the following scenarios the results are different usage of the batteries and the grid power,

Scenario 1
L1 Load = 5A
L2 Load = 5A
The loads are equal in this scenario.  The Conext SW will inject 5A into both L1 and L2 each.

Scenario 2 
L1 Load = 5A
L2 Load = 3A
The loads are not equal here.  The SW will inject 3A into both L1 and L2.  The remaining 2A on L1 will be supplied by the AC Input source.

Scenario 3
L1 Load = 5A
L2 Load = 0A
Similar to Scenario 2 as far as imbalance.  In this case,  the Conext SW will inject 0A into L1 and L2.  All of the load will be supplied by the AC Input source.

AC Support behaves three different ways depending on the type of equipment that is installed in the Xanbus network with the Conext SW.

•SOC - Xanbus-enabled battery monitor is installed
•Enhanced - Xanbus-enabled MPPT solar charge controller is installed
•Regular - neither Xanbus-enabled battery monitor nor MPPT solar charge controller is installed

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