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What is the withstand rating for Masterpact NW circuit breakers?

Published date: 22 April 2019

30 cycle (.5 s) withstand rating for Masterpact breakers

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NW

The short-time withstand rating is the RMS value of current a circuit breaker is designed to carry for a specified period of time with the contacts closed and without damage to itself.

All short time withstand ratings for the Masterpact NW are for 30 cycles (0.5 s).  The current level varies with breaker AIC and current rating and can be found in the product catalog 0613CT0001.

The 30 cycle withstand rating is a performance capability rating (Mitop defeated) and is independent of breaker delay settings, published trip curves or override values.

See note section for additional information.

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