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How do you discover devices in Ecoreach?

Published date: 26 April 2019

How to navigate Ecoreach to find devices 

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers



The device discovery in Ecoreach is done in 3 steps
1. On clicking the "Discover Devices" in Ecoreach homescreen, the gateways are discovered. In this step you can provide the slave ID's of the devices connected via IFM's.
2. Now click on find devices. The devices connected under the gateways (IFE) and modbus slaves (IFM) are displayed.
3. Finally click on Add devices to add the devices to Ecoreach project.
4. Once the devices are added up can see on the left side of the Ecoreach screen the added devices appear (in switchboard view).
If you still face issues, send a screen shot of the switchboard view.

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