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How can I adjust the minimum and maximum speeds displayed on the keypad of the process drive when the speed is controlled by the keypad?

Published date: 30 April 2019

The display of the process drive shows the minimum and maximum speeds as -500.0 Hz. and +500.0 Hz. instead of 0 and +60.0

Product Line:
ATV6XX and ATV9XX series drives.

-500 and +500 are displayed when the drive is programmed to accept a speed reference from the keypad.

Clarification of product features.

When the drive is programmed to accept the speed reference from the keypad the display will always show the minimum and maximum range of the speed reference, not the operating range defined by LSP and HSP parameters.  This can not be changed.  The keypad is sending the speed reference to the drive so the drive shows the full range of the reference.

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