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Turning specific alarm redirections On and Off in Geo SCADA

Occasionally a requirement might arise to provide a way to temporarily switch certain alarm redirections on and off. It is not recommended to disable alarm redirections. Disabling an alarm redirection would also delete all settings for that specific alarm redirection. Enabling the alarm redirection back would necessitate configuring the remaining properties from scratch.

Instead of disabling the alarm redirection, consider setting the trigger type to None. Setting the trigger type to None would inadvertently turn off the alarm redirection without having its properties erased.

The Trigger Type can be switched to None by setting the TriggerType1 OPC property to 0. This is an example from a code fragment that sets the Trigger Type for the first alarm redirection to None thus turning it off. In this example, the point's full name is Test.AP.

Server.SetOPCValue "Test.AP.AlarmRedirection.TriggerType1", 0

To turn the alarm redirection back on, one of the following values needs to be written:
  • 1 for Auto
  • 2 for Manual
  • 3 for Both

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