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    Wiser Energy™ System

    Get Insight Into Your Home’s Energy Usage

    Keep your household budget on track.


Track Energy Use for Greater Savings

There’s no reason your home’s electrical system should be a mystery. Get a little insight into its energy use to manage your energy better and keep the household budget on track.

Wiser Energy system monitors your electrical installation 24/7

See exactly where your money goes and easily spot the inefficiencies that increase your expenses. Wiser Energy system will also help you take advantage of cheaper, off-peak energy and make the most of your solar power installation.

Is home safety your main concern?

The Wiser Energy system detects electrical use and sends you notifications via the app, like when your garage door opens, or when you leave a curling iron plugged in.

Smart device integrations including Phillips Hue, Wemo Insight, and Kasa smart plugs lets you take action right within the app.

Maximize return on solar investments and so much more

Meaning big savings on the monthly energy bill

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Achieve the best return on investment for your solar power installation

  • See Your Solar Generation And save big using the Wiser Energy system

    Adding the Wiser Energy system to your solar installation will empower you to see proof of return on your investment, giving you peace of mind. Save money by tracking your home's energy usage and production in real-time.

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