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    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

    Your OEM Portal gives you direct access to technical documentation, industry and product information, and digital tools you need to do your job more efficiently.

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What makes the program right for you
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    Key benefits of the program This program is designed to boost your machine business efficiency, enrich your professional life, and give you exclusive privileges, such as:

    • Tools and resources to boost your efficiency throughout the machine’s life cycle
    • Access to the industrial market trends, events and special promotions 
    • Support and expert advice in targeted OEM applications

    To thank you for using Schneider Electric offers, a world of rewards.
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    A resource-rich, easy-to-navigate website Partners have 24/7 access to a wealth of tailored tools and resources for business-building, support and professional development, including:

    • Tools and documentation -  to facilitate your design, manufacturing, installation and servicing
    • Trainings, webinars, tutorials and videos - to boost your efficiency
    • Locator - to help you find relevant partners for automation design

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    Stay up-to-date with the industry trends Gain access to an extensive pool of knowledge - whether this is the understanding of the business environment or the skills relating to the machine automation and control solutions and technologies:

    • Industry and OEM businesses and market trends - to improve your knowledge
    • Improving technical skills – to help you develop innovative machine automation solutions
    • Easy access to the events and promotions – to keep you informed
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    Support and expert advice in targeted OEM applications Continuously upgrade your skills, and share information through community exchanges, training, expert advice and support for machine automation, especially in the following OEM applications:
    • Food and beverage machinery
    • Packaging
    • Hoisting
    • HVAC&R
    • Pumping
    • Material Working
    • Material Handling

The tools you need on and off the job

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