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Medium Voltage Distribution and Grid Automation

Switchboards and Switchgear


Air Insulated Switchgear Schneider Eletric


Up to 27kV, 4000A, 63kA, 110 kV BIL. Smart and Connected Medium voltage metal-clad switchgear (AIS type) withdrawable 3-cycle vacuum circuit-breakers up to 27kV. Provides floor space economy and application flexibility through it's compartmentalization construction.

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Masterclad MV Arc Resistant Metal-Clad Switchgear Schneider Eletric

Masterclad MV Arc Resistant Metal-Clad Switchgear

Air-insulated, arc resistant drawout switchgear with vacuum circuit breakers for large, complex power distribution and control. Masterclad arc resistant switchgear is built to ANSI C37.20.2 standards and employs vacuum circuit breakers to provide switching, control, and protective applications at medium voltage levels. Available in voltages from 4.76kV to 15kV and current ranges from 1200A to 4000A. Arc Resistant type 2B per C37.20.7.

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Medium Voltage Distribution and Energy Automation Schneider Eletric

HVL/cc Switchgear

Provides compact and programmable switching and power fuse protection for power distribution. HVL/cc is the smallest footprint switchgear in the power distribution market. In addition to power fuse short circuit protection, it is packed with special switching features like current transformers, simplified grounding system, infrared viewing window, and optional control methods. Its compact Class 1 Div 2 design uses a factory sealed sulfur hexafluoride compartment for load break switching and power fuses for short circuit protection.

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HVL Switchgear Schneider Eletric

HVL Switchgear

itional load break air switch with power fuse protection for power distribution. Square D’s HVL is the original open air switchgear for visual confirmation of load interruption. Power fuses provide short circuit protection. Interlocks ensure that the switch and fuse compartment remains closed until the switch is opened. NEMA 3R enclosures are available for outdoor applications.

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MiniBreak Switchgear Schneider Eletric

MiniBreak Switchgear

Provides compact and economical switching for currents up to 200A at 5.5kV.. -

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HVL/cb Switchgear

HVL/cb Switchgear

The new standard for performance, protection, and dependability in power distribution. HVL/cb switchgear is a new product for medium voltage power distribution that integrates the two technologies of a fast 3-cycle vacuum circuit breaker with a grounding disconnect switch into a small footprint.

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Substation Circuit Breakers

Medium Voltage Switchgear Components Schneider Eletric

Powersub Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker Type FVR

Powersub Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker Type FVR. Offers superior reliability combined with numerous operational benefits

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Unit Substations

Model III Package Unit Substations Schneider Eletric

Model III Package Unit Substations

Model III Package Unit Substations. Model III unit substations offer compact construction and efficiency for buildings that need to maximize the use of space without sacrificing performance.

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