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MV SF6 LBS and Disconnector up to 36 kV

Part of Pact Series

IEC rated medium voltage SF6 Load Break Switch and Disconnector up to 36 kV

  • Features

    Components for panelbuilders to use to build Medium Voltage cubicles.
    Compact, simple to integrate and simple to use. Load Break switches and disconnectors up to 36 kV
    • breaking in SF6
    • rated current 630 and 1250 A
    • short-circuit current up to 25 kA
    • compliant with international standards
    • interlocking
    • easily adapted for telecontrol (motorized mechanism, …)
    • accessories:earthing switches, interlockings, voltage presence indicator, auxiliary contacts and coils, ...


    Take advantage of 25 years of experience LBSkit, a set of components, accessories and tools designed to provide our panelbuilder partners with maximum flexibility. And, above all, 25 years of experience in SF6 breaking to back your know-how.


    • Switch and fuse-switch combination units for MV substation up to 36 kV

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