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Spacial CRN

Steel wall-mounting enclosures

Metal Monobloc suite comes in 39 sizes with sides madefrom a single folded section. The back piece is joined to the sides using a special profile forming a protected sealed area. Both externally and internally painted with texturized RAL 7035 gray epoxy-polyester resin.•IP66 protection for one-door enclosures according to IEC 60529.•IK10 protection for plain door according to IEC 62262. •IK08 protection for glazed door according to IEC 62262

Spacial CRN
  • Features

    A resistant enclosure sheet steel enclosure
    Wide range of sizes: from 200X200X150 to 1400X1000X300.
    Degree of protection: IP 66 for all single door enclosures, IP 55 for double door enclosures.
    External mechanical impact resistance enclosures with glazed door.
    Paint finish: Color grey RAL 7035.
    Certifications: EN 62208 (LCIE), UL, CUL, BV, DNV, LR, GL. NEMA 4 for single-door enclosure according to NEMA 250.
    NEMA 12, 12K and 13 for double-door enclosure according to NEMA 250. RoHS compliance.
    A complete range of accessories to answer to all applications.

    Your ideal universal enclosure easy to work with !
    Global approach universal enclosure with dedicated accessories regarding the application (automatism, electrical distribution, electronic and network).

    IP66 enclosure for single door, IP55 for double door.
    IK10 for plain door and IK08 for glazed door.
    2 products: CRN and CNRG enclosure (CRNG for big dimensions).


    CRN and CRNG are :

    Smart: Door easily removable and reversible , 120° opening, 2 closure points from height 600 mm. Maximum loading: 50 kg/m2. Polyurethane seal.
    Smart : hinges easily released and captive for easier door removal and door reversal.
    Wide choice of inserts to equip the door.
    Secure: welded studs for earth welded on door and body.
    Easy to work with: 4 welded back studs shouldered 10mm to mount chassis.
    Choice: plain chassis, silk-screened chassis, micro perforated chassis, telequick perforated chassis symmetrical chassis, steel cable gland plate, insulated cable gland plate with knock-outs cable gland plate prepared to receive membranes.
    Durable: Epoxy polyester coating, polyurethane seal to guarantee water tightness for years.
    Attractive: paint polyester colour RAL 7035.

    CRNG :
    - 3 point lock enclosure.
    - Aesthetic similar to CRN enclosure.
    - double door version (IP55). 

    And also... 
    Choice:plain door or glazed door.
    Time saving: 56 dimensions (39 for CRN and 17 for CRNG) with or without plain chassis (CRNG in customized business),
    Wide range of accessories to fit to all applications...


    Industrial automation and industrial control
    Plain chassis, micro-perforated chassis, perforated chassis ... 

    Electrical distribution
    Modular chassis (steel and insulated) from 24 modules to 234 modules.

    Electronics and Industrial Networks
    19'' fixed or swing frame


      • Spacial CRN with glazed door
      • Spacial CRNG

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