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PowerPact H-Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

A flexible, high-performance offer, certified to global standards for ratings from 15 to 150 A

Part of Pact Series

The PowerPact™ H-Frame circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits.

Schneider Eletric
PowerPact H-Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Features

    PowerPact Circuit Breakers Product Overview

    PowerPact™ H-frame Moulded Case Circuit Breakers give you the right combination of features and performance to satisfy circuit breaker requirements. They deliver unmatched design flexibility across the entire range of 15 A to 150 A offering the benefits of a flexible, modular circuit breaker.

    • Available in 2-3 pole design
    • Available from 15-150A at up to 600 Vac and 250 Vdc
    • Interrupting ratings (AIR) include D-14 kA, G-18 kA, J-25 kA, L-50 kA and R-100 kA at 600 Vac and 20 kA at 250 Vdc
    • Available in standard (80%) or 100% rating
    • Common mounting holes, handle locations and trim dimensions across the range allow design standardization using PowerPact H- and J-frame circuit breakers
    Available trip units:
    • Thermal magnetic: Circuit protection provided by individual thermal (overload) and magnetic (short circuit) sensing elements in each pole.
    • Standard electronic: Adjustable overcurrent protection including long-time, instantaneous, and optional short-time.
    • Ammeter: Adjustable long-time, short-time, instantaneous and optional ground fault protection is coupled with integrated current metering and maintenance indicators.
    • Energy: Power and energy metering is integrated with exceptional long-time, shorttime, instantaneous, and optional ground fault protections. Beyond energy metering, this trip unit delivers many advanced functions including power quality (harmonics) measurement.
    • Available with field-interchangeable trip units
    • Common accessories across the range of PowerPact Moulded Case Circuit Breakers allow users to make late specification changes
    • A wide range of field-installable accessories allows customers to reduce inventory without sacrificing flexibility
    • Broad offering of operating mechanisms and ratings specifically designed to be used as the main panel disconnect for control panel applications
      • IEC Style Rotary Operating Handles
      • NEMA 9421 Door Mounted Rotary Operating Mechanism
      • NEMA 9422 Flange Mounted Operating Mechanism in two styles – bracket mounted or cable operated
    • Equipped with a unique snap-in terminal design that makes converting between busbar and lug options easy
    • Easy to install, extremely versatile, a wide variety of terminal options include mechanical lugs, crimp lugs, power distribution lugs, and lug shields
    • Available in Unit mount (lug-lug, rear, bus bar), I-line or Drawout constructions
    • 2-3 pole automatic molded case switches available at 150A
    • CSA C22.2 No. 5, UL 489 Listed, NEMA, NMX, VDE, BS, CCC, IEC certified and CE marked for global acceptance

    How to videos

    Mounting Shunt / Undervoltage Trip

    Removing Lugs

    Configuring Trip Units via Display

    Installing Toggle Extension

    Installing SDE Adapter Kit

    Installing PowerPact™ Breaker into I-Line


    • Reliable circuit protection for your application
    • Flexible and simple offer, with proven performance
    • Save time in electrical design, mounting, and wiring
    • Tackle last minute changes: one-click field installable accessories and the widest range of operating mechanisms.
    • Series Ratings with downstream Circuit Breakers
    • World-wide availability


    • Electrical Distribution Equipment
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Oil & Gas
    • Water WasterWater

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