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ReactiVar Automatic Anti-Resonant Power Factor Capacitor Banks

Reactive power compensation for variable load with harmonic content.


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ReactiVar Automatic Anti-Resonant Power Factor Capacitor Banks
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    In today's industrial electrical networks, high harmonic content would damage standard fixed or automatic capacitor banks. The ReactiVar® AV6000 Anti-Resonant Power Factor capacitor bank is specifically designed to provide power factor correction. Iron core reactors are added in series with capacitor modules. The reactors tune the bank below the first dominant harmonic (usually the 5th). Below the tuning point, the system appears capacitive and thus corrects power factor in the system. Above the turning point, the system appears inductive and thus the resonance is minimized. It also has the added advantage to remove up to 50% of the 5th harmonic current in the system.

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