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System Management Tool


  • Features

    PACiS System Management Tool (SMT) is the application software that guarantees the software version management through all PACiS solution elements.

    From the configuration databases generated with the PACiS SCE, the PACiS SMT ensures the distribution of these files to the right equipment in stand-by status.  It also facilitates the split between the running databases and new databases and displays the complete configuration database versions for the user. PACIS SMT provides the management of DCS database history. This enables the user to compare different versions, to create the successive versions matching the progressive substation automation (in case of a retrofit or extension) or to prepare various databases in parallel.

    PACiS SMT also allows the automatic upload of Disturbance and Waveform files.

    PACIS SMT can be implemented in the application site or run from a remote point and provides the user directly with complete System and equipment maintenance information.

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