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Masterpact NW, MTZ2, MTZ3 Remote Racking Device

Enhance safety of maintenance personnel

Part of Pact Series

Provides ability to operate racking mechanism of a low-voltage draw-out circuit breaker from a remote location

Masterpact NW, MTZ2, MTZ3 Remote Racking Device
  • Features

    Schneider Electric’s remote racking device for Masterpact® NW, MTZ2, MTZ3  circuit breakers is designed to help you reduce the arc flash safety hazard for personnel during installation, startup and maintenance procedures by allowing maintenance personnel the ability to “rack” a low voltage draw-out circuit breaker from a location outside of the arc flash boundary. The compact, portable, and simple design enhances the effective use of the remote racking device.

    How to Videos

    Remote racking for Power-Zone 4 low voltage switchgear allows workers to rack out and rack in circuit breakers from outside of the arc flash boundaries


    • Significantly reduces risk of exposure to direct blast or projectiles during an arc flash event. Personnel can operate the racking mechanism of circuit breakers from a distance of up to 9 metres (30 feet) allowing operators to be outside of the arc flash boundary
    • Enhances operator peace of mind with multiple safety features:
      • Self-test for correct operation gives visual indication the device is working properly
      • Visual indication warns the operator when the racking mechanism has completed its cycle for consideration when moving back into the arc flash boundary area
    • Improves efficiency of maintenance and installation personnel with a lightweight and portable design:
      • With a simple connection design, the Masterpact NW, MTZ2, MTZ3  remote racking device can be easily attached and operated by one person
      • Can be easily transferred from one circuit breaker to another during maintenance or installation procedures
      • No application limitations based on height or position of circuit breaker
      • Compact protective case with retractable handle and wheels can be easily maneuvered even in tight spaces
    • Aids in user compliance with arc flash personnel protection as listed in CSA Z462, NFPA 70E
    • Applicable to Masterpact NW, MTZ2, MTZ3  circuit breakers installed in the following configurations:


    • Electrical Distribution Equipment
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Oil & Gas
    • Water Waster-Water
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Data Centres
    • Educational Campuses
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