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Iso-Gard Series 6 Line Isolation Monitor



Iso-Gard Series 6 Line Isolation Monitor
  • Features

    Line Isolation Monitor, is a testing device that continually measures the balanced and unbalanced impedance from line-to-ground on each line of an ungrounded electrical system. Including a meter that displays hazard current in the amount of current that would flow through a low impedance ground fault on the ungrounded electrical system; hazard current is predicted fault current. Plus, a built-in test circuit to exercise the alarm, without adding to the leakage current hazard.

    Line Isolation Monitor; Iso-Gard Series 6 – Digital LM leverage the latest technology, going beyond code requirements by offering the following items;

    Plain text display

                  Communication upgradable

    Composite Unit (Remote Indicator) – allowing for LIM information to be displayed and communicated at locations different from the Isolated Power Panel.  Available in multiple mounting configurations;

    Single Gang Box, Two Gang Box and Back Box already installed (Old Square D offering)


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