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Lighting Manager

Provides completely automatic lighting controls in a single integrated, space saving system.


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Lighting Manager
  • Features

    The Square D® IPaCS Lighting Manager-Z10 product line is designed to provide completely automatic lighting controls in a single integrated, space saving system to save energy, reduce electrical costs, and maximize the efficient operation of lighting loads in the facility.

    The Lighting Manager-Z10 provides standardized automatic lighting control capabilities based on time of day schedules and/or ambient light level measurements. The functions performed by the Lighting Manager-Z10 system replaces or eliminates the need for the following conventional controls:

    • Mechanical timeclocks or electronic timers.
    • Photocells.
    • Panelboard or multi-pole contactors.
    • Operator controlled switches for lighting.
    • Field wiring of multiple boxes and control systems.

    Features of the Lighting Manager-Z10 include:

    • Expandable up to 16 inputs and 10 outputs
    • Automatic Daylight Savings Time (DST) adjustments
    • Hard override for each controlled output with visual indication
    • Program stored in an EEPROM flash memory
    • Removable backup memory card for current program storage and easy downloading of upgraded programs

    The Lighting Manager-Z10 is a UL Listed and is certified for compliance with CA Title 24 requirements for both Automatic Time Switch Control and Automatic Daylighting Control applications.

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