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Powerlink G3 Power Supply

Powerlink G3 Power Supply for controllers control buses and remotely operated circuit breakers.

Powerlink G3 Power Supply for controllers control buses and remotely operated circuit breakers.

Schneider Eletric
Powerlink G3 Power Supply
  • Features

    The Powerlink G3 Power Supply provides power to operate the controller, control buses, and remotely operated circuit breakers. The power supply attaches to an NF Panelboard interior in the same manner as a standard 3-pole circuit breaker.

    The power supply derives its power from the panelboard interior bus and converts the line voltage into two separate supplies: one supply furnishes the controller with a 24 VDC, Class 2 source; the other supply furnishes the control bus and subnet with a 24 VDC, Class 1 source.

    An optional type of power supply, furnished with primary leads, is available for use with a separately derived primary power source. This option is often used in applications where the system must remain operational during power outages. In such applications, the external leads are connected to a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or alternate power source.

    In 20-inch wide panels, the power supply is always located in the upper left-hand corner of the interior. The controller is mounted adjacent to the power supply on the right-hand side.


    • Attaches to panelboard interior, occupies three adjacent pole spaces.
    • External lead for connection to panel neutral.
    • Modular connectors provide secure plug-in connections for connection to left-hand side control bus and controller.
    • LED indication of Class 1 and Class 2 voltage sources operational status.
    • Removable communication terminal block for making subnet connections.
    • Internally self-protected against short circuits and electrical surges.
    • Low continuous power draw, less than 20 VA.
    • Optional external leads for connection to remote power source


    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Market
    • Commercial Office Buildings
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