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PowerChute plus

APC highly recommends that all customers upgrade to PowerChute Business Edition in operating systems that are currently available.

End of Commercialization

Protect your network by networking your power protection.

Schneider Eletric
PowerChute Business Edition
  • Features

    For the latest in server power protection check out PowerChute® Business Edition

    APC’s PowerChute® plus software enables you to monitor and control compatible serial APC UPSs. PowerChute® plus software enhances the reliability of your computer system and its applications by automatically protecting system and data integrity during a power crisis.

    APC has a PowerChute® plus product for the following operating systems.


    • Compatible with Smart-UPS and Matrix models - Compatible with APC Smart-UPSs, Matrix-UPSs.
    • Current Version - PowerChute plus for Windows NT/2000 v5.2.3
      PowerChute plus for Windows 98/Me v4.2.4
      PowerChute plus for Linux v4.5.3
      PowerChute plus for Novell Netware v4.3.3
      PowerChute plus for Sun Solaris v4.5
      PowerChute plus for IBM AIX v4.3.3
      PowerChute plus for HP-UX v4.2.3
      PowerChute plus for SCO Unixware and OpenServer v4.5

      The following versions of PowerChute plus are no longer being updated. If you are currently using one of the versions of PowerChute plus listed below, you will continue to receive technical support from APC.

      PowerChute plus for OS/2 v4.2.3
      PowerChute plus for OS/2 Warp v4.2.3
      PowerChute plus for Tru64 Unix v4.2.2.1
      PowerChute plus for Sun OS v4.2.2
      PowerChute plus for SGI Irix v4.2.3
      PowerChute plus for NCR Unix v4.2.2
      PowerChute plus for Olivetti Unix v4.2.2
      PowerChute plus for SINIX/RM v4.2.2
      PowerChute plus for Unisys Unix v 4.2.2
      PowerChute plus for Windows NT 3.51/3.51J v 5.1.1
      PowerChute plus for Windows NT on MIPS v5.1.1
      PowerChute plus for Windows NT 3.51/3.51J on Alpha v5.1.1
      PowerChute plus for Netware v3.10 - 4.11 v4.2.4
      PowerChute plus for VMS on VAX v1.0
      PowerChute plus for OpenVMS on AXP v1.2
    • Event logging - Centralized event handling enables root cause diagnosis and quick resolution of problems as they arise.
    • Email/Pager Notification - Receive timely notification via an email or pager gateway of critical power and environmental events before they impact availability of critical loads.
    • Operating System Shutdown - Prevents possible data corruption by performing graceful, unattended operating system shutdown in the event of an extended power outage or computer power problem.

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