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Modicon X80 I/Os

The common platform of modules for Modicon M580, Quantum Ethernet I/O and M340 PAC

All modules with X80 form factor: backplane, power supply, I/O digital, I/O analog, communication, expert, etc.

Modicon X80 I/Os
  • Features

    The X80 family incorporates the compatible modules common for Quantum Ethernet I/O drops and M340 PLC, all with a M340 form factor.
    Included are: backplane, all in-rack modules, power supply, Ethernet RIO module drop head, all I/O modules, communication modules (except Ethernet), and expert modules. 
    Not included are: M340 CPU and Ethernet modules BMXNO••••• (as they can be used in M340 PLC only).Based on the latest I/O technology

    Innovative I/O
    High quality
    International certifications (including marine, ATEX, nuclear)
    Hot swap
    Wide selection of modules: digital I/Os, analog I/Os, expert, communication
    Long term offer (new)
    High level services

    Through Unity Pro
    With structured data (Device DDT), simplifying diagnostics
    Using bit forcing to simplify simulation
    New functionalities

    Modbus serial link in your X80 drops with QEIO
    Sequence Of Event Time Stamped at source in a solution mode without program

    All M340 existing modules are supported by X80 drop of QEIO (except AS-I, NOR, SSI)
    One X80 drop can support two racks along 30m, just like the M340 PLC (up to 4 racks for M340)
    Maximum number of supported X80 drops: 16 for 140CPU6x1xx and 31 for 140CPU6x2xx


    A common I/O platform
    > Reduce your maintenance and training costs : same spare parts in your stock, unique training for different PAC


    WWW, MMM, F&B, O&G, OEM Process, Energy, Automotive, Infrastructure, Building
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