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Type EMA

External Modular Assembly (EMA) SPDs

Square D™ EMA SPDs feature a design based on individual phase modules for a flexible, cost effective way to achieve superior surge suppression at every level of the electrical distribution system. Modularity results in lower life cycle costs and fast, easy service or replacement.

Schneider Eletric
Type EMA
  • Features


    • Type 1 SPD configuration (depending on model)
    • NEMA 1 or 4X rating
    • High-energy suppression circuit that provides 10 modes of suppression from 100,000 to 480,000 peak Amps of surge current rating per phase
    • Optional enhanced EMI/RFI filtering (Sine Wave Tracking) module
    • Advanced Diagnostics allow for visual indication/testing of the suppressor's functionality
    • Suppression Status Alarms provide multiple methods of alarm notification
    • Coordinated Fuse Technology allows disconnection methods for thermal and high-current events.
    • External panel SPDs mount adjacent to the equipment through a conduit connection and as close to the circuit breaker as possible in order to reduce lead lengths and improve surge suppression.
    • Optional Remote monitor displays the alarm status of the SPD up to 1000 feet from the unit
    • Optional Flush Mount Kits can be used on 120 – 240 kA EMA and EBA series devices. Devices with integral switch require a 20-inch flush mounting collar.
    • Optional integral switch provides a mechanical means to electrically isolate the entire surge suppressor before opening the enclosure door to facilitate servicing of the unit’s components


  • Flexibility to install on line side of service entrance applications
  • Provides suppression to vulnerable equipment powered from weather exposed panels
  • High performance surge suppression even in severe electrical conditions
  • Improves surge suppression and reduces high frequency noise
  • Provides immediate response if suppressor is damaged
  • Immediate notification through audible, visual and remote signaling if reduced suppression occurs
  • Provides premium surge suppression while managing both thermal and high-current end-of -life events
  • Applications

  • Service entrance
  • Branch panel locations
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