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PowerLogic EM4300

power and energy meters with wireless communication

Part of Easy Series

-Electrical circuits and loads monitoring, through a combination of power and enerrgy metering with wireless communication.

PowerLogic EM4300
  • Features

    -Designed to retrofit existing switchboards, and enhance energy efficiency of buildings in operation for many years, by:
    • monitoring energy consumption, to detect potential savings.
    • monitoring operation of the electrical system, to optimize service to the building occupants.
    • PowerLogic EM4300 meters collect a broad scope of electrical data, from the distribution line they are fitted on.
    • PowerLogic WT 4200-transmitters collect data from various meters (water, air, gas, steam etc.) with pulse outputs.
    Collected data from both these sources are transmitted to a data concentrator, which  enables their reading by various energy management services and software. For data concentrators of various types, see:


    Installation time and therefore total cost of ownership is minimized thanks to:
    • wireless communication
    • attached flexible current sensors, immediately fitted around any cable or bar without disconnection. Power-off time to fit several, meters in a switchboard is a matter of minutes.
    Equipment can be scaled over time, according to savings fields identification, or other matters of interest


    Broad scope of collected data make PowerLogic EM4300 of high added-value for
    • energy management
    • energy cost allocation
    • electrical network management and supervision.
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