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EcoStruxure™ Cybersecurity Admin Expert

Security Administration Tool

Part of EcoStruxure

Build a comprehensive cybersecurity configuration and policy for your Operational Technology (OT) environment with an intuitive tool

EcoStruxure™ Cybersecurity Admin Expert
  • Features

    EcoStruxure Cybersecurity Admin Expert is the first piece of a unique solution for securely managing your electrical network's Operational Technology (OT).

    EcoStruxure™ Cybersecurity Admin Expert is an intuitive, software-based tool used for multiple purposes:
    • Creating a cybersecurity and security policy
    • Configuring the security of devices
    • Retrieving security logs of a whole substation, plant or industrial environment

    EcoStruxure Cybersecurity Admin Expert has the capability to assign a role to each user. A user with a role is then allocated permission to access or block each resource of a system (for example permission to read or write device settings, download a new firmware version etc). The tool is well suited to use within the Operational Technology (OT) environment as it authorizes the configuration of permissions of many different devices such as: the network devices (switch, etc), the PC, and the IED/Protection Relay all complied with IEC 62351. Main functions include:
    1.        Define the security policy, including for example: password complexity or password strategy
    2.        Define rules for security logs, choose between NERC CIP, BDEW, P1686 2014 or a combination.
    3.        Define the RBAC* (Role Base Access Control) parameters of your environment. RBAC technology is the most efficient way to apply the defined roles and permissions to an individual, deploying to each device.
    4.        Define users of your system or product and assign one or several roles per user, based on your organization.
    5.        Retrieve security logs including several Schneider Electric devices**

    *RBAC devices compliant with IEC 62351 part 8 but can be extended further depending on your own organization. For each RBAC device defined you can set the access rights of each resource inside the device, for example resources such as settings files, firmware, or configuration parameters etc.

    ** SAT Security configuration tool can be used in conjunction with several Schneider Electric OT Energy Automation devices such as MiCOM Px40 or Px30 Protection Relays, MiCOM C264 RTUs or EcoStruxure Substation Operation™ Gateways (formerly known as PACiS Gateways).  Please verify the compatibility with the relevant product brochures.


    • Simplify the management and the maintenance of cybersecurity by collecting all security events and logs from the Operational Technology into a single tool
    • Improve efficiency by defining all parameters in into a single product/tool


    EcoStruxure™ Cybersecurity Admin Expert can be used in many applications and segments where cybersecurity is required, such as:
    • Utilities
    • Smart grid
    • Oil and Gas
    • Hospitals
    • Transportation
    • Mining of Minerals and Metal

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