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Model 6 Motor Control Centres with Closed Door Racking System

Increases uptime and reliability while enhancing worker safety.

Schneider Electric has designed a solution to enhance uptime by disengaging and isolating the motor control centre (MCC) unit from the power bus before opening the door. This solution is called Closed Door Racking, or CDR.

Schneider Eletric
Model 6 Motor Control Centres with Closed Door Racking System
  • Features

    Most arc flash incidents occur in motor control centres (MCCs) when the power stabs of the MCC unit are connected or disconnected from the bus. Closed Door Racking (CDR) allows qualified persons to disengage or engage a bucket from or into the vertical bus without opening the door of the MCC. The Schneider Electric CDR solution increases uptime and reliability while enhancing worker safety in new or already-installed Model 6 MCCs, and can even be added to legacy Model 5 MCCs that have been in service for many years.

    • Disengages line side voltage for the unit that needs servicing, and doesn’t impact surrounding units.
    • Remote racking option device reduces the exposure of high level energy sources, allowing workers to remotely disengage the bus stabs from outside the arc flash radius.
    • Schneider Electric CDR is available on Arc Resistant, NEMA 1, 1A, 3R and 12 MCCs.
    • A CDR bucket is the same footprint as the bucket it replaces. No additional space is needed to accommodate the racking mechanism.
    • The solid metal handle is more rugged than the composites often used by competitors. In addition, the bucket clearly indicates status, such as a tripped circuit breaker.
    • The racking mechanism is designed with a sealed, all-metal construction for long dependable life.


    Closed door racking was designed specifically for the Water Wastewater, Mining Mineral and Metals, Oil & Gas as well as the Food and Beverage segments, but suits any work environment where processes are critical, maintenance or updates are on-going but minimizing risk of an arc energy exposure is paramount.

    The closed door racking system allows access to the tilting power stab assembly via an external connection that can be operated with a manual racking tool, a power tool fitted with a #10 socket or with the remote racking device that allows maintenance personnel to disengage or engage the bucket from outside of the flash boundary…up to 30 feet away. The NFPA 70E safety standards note that one of the methods to reduce the exposure of high level energy sources is remote racking.

    The new design is fully compatible with the current line of Model 6 MCCs, as well as the legacy Model 5 MCCs, providing a higher level of safety for all MCCs in the field, as well as new MCCs coming off the line. Schneider Electric is able to do this with a unique design that fits into the same footprint as existing buckets.

    The CDR system is a rugged design, built for these harsh, critical environments with all-metal parts and protection on the bus stabs. With this robust and efficient design as well as remote control operation, these critical processes can run with little to no interruption.

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