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QOU Unit Mount Circuit Breakers

For overcurrent protection and switching on both AC and DC systems

Reliable protection for high humidity and salt environments

Schneider Eletric
QOU Unit Mount Circuit Breakers
  • Features

    The Square D® Extreme Duty QOU circuit breaker was developed specifically with the unique challenges of harsh environments in mind. The circuit breaker has specially constructed internal components that make it resistant to the damaging effects of high humidity and salt, which are common in commercial HVAC and wastewater treatment applications. The circuit breaker has passed a 500-hour salt spray test.
    The QOU circuit breaker is also appropriate for any application that endures a corrosive atmosphere or highly humid conditions, such as wastewater treatment. It is available in 30A or 60A and can be used with standard QOU devices and accessories.

    Low Ampere QOU Miniature Circuit Breakers

    • Terminal lug wire size 1- #14 - #2 AWG Cu or Al
    • Reversible line and load lugs for convenient flush or surface mount wiring
    • DIN mounted (symmetrical rail 35 x 7.5 DIN/EN 50 022)
    • UL Listed asHACR type -- 15 A to 70 A
    • Field installable quick connectors
    • Single handle with internal common trip
    • UL Listed 48 Vdc (5,000 AIR) High Ampere QOU Miniature Circuit Breakers

    Flush and surface mount
    • Internal common trip
    • Lugs supplied in standard position only
    • DIN mount (Symmetrical rail 35 x 7.5 DIN/EN 50022)
    • Bulk pack circuit breakers do not have mounting feet included
    • Terminal lug wire size 1 - #4-#2/0 AWG Cu or Al
    • UL Listed 60Vdc per pole (5000 AIR) - Note: except switches
    • UL Listed as HACR type - 80-125 Amp
    Extreme Duty QOU Miniature Circuit Breakers
    • 2-pole construction
    • 30 and 60 amps available
    • Constructed with special corrosion resistant current path
    • Passed ASTM 500 hour salt spray test
    • UL 489 EN60947-2 and CSA C22.2 No.5-02 Certifications


    Facility and Infrastructure
    Wastewater Treatment
    Industrial Machinery
    Food & Beverage
    Material Handling
    Specialty Machinery
    Car Wash Systems
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