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ServicePak Power Outlets -

Recreational Vehicle Park Panels


Schneider Eletric
ServicePak Power Outlets -
  • Features

    QO Recreational Vehicle Park Loadcentres (ServicePak)

    Used to provide temporary power connection at recreational vehicle parks. Each receptacle is protected by either GFCI or standard QO® circuit breaker in compliance with CEC requirements. These panels include the following features:

    • Type 3R weatherproof enclosure
    • 10,000 RMS symmetrical ampere short circuit current rating
    • All receptacles and circuit breakers included
    • Not suitable for use as service entrance equipment
    • Enclosures with provision for field installable type "B" hubs


    Cat Number Pedestal mountedBox size
    QO2RVP50B2cct 50A RV enc/pedestalRVP1+ Pedestal
    QO3RVP75C3cct 75A RV enc/pedestalRVP2 + Pedestal
    QO3RVP75CGc/w 1 QO115GFI / 2 QO130I
    QO3RVP75CGFIc/w 1 QO115GFI / 2 QO130GFI
    QO4RVP100D4cct 100A RV enc/pedestalRVP3 + Pedestal
    QO4RVP100DGc/w 1 QO115GFI, 1 QO130, 1 QO250
    QO4RVP100DGFIc/w 1 QO115GFI, 1 QO130GFI, 1 QO250

    QO & Stab-lok Mobile Home and Trailer Loadcentres

    For trailer park, mobile home and temporary use power needs, Schneider Electric offers the following Stab-lok and Square D product solutions.

    • Do not come with factory installed circuit breakers, order separately.
    • Not suitable for use as service entrance equipment. 
    Cat NumberRating
    Cat NumberRating
    RH102-4CHTS60 amp
    RH104-8CHTS8cct 100A100 amp
    RH104-8CHTS-28cct 100A (sub-feed provision)100 amp
    RVPP-2 Pedestal
    QO2L30TTS2 cct  T = factory installed ground bar30 amp
    QO24L50TTS4 cct50 amp
    QO24L70TS4 cct70 amp
    QO612L100TF/S12 cct100 amp
    QO612L100DTF/S12 cct  D = with door100 amp

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