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QO Loadcentres

Premium quality and design

For residential, commercial, industrial applications

Schneider Eletric
QO Loadcentres
  • Features

    Square D QO loadcentres have been the choice of professional contractors in Canada for over 50 years. Rugged design, high quality and proven performance that residential, multi-residential and commercial applications demand, have make QO circuit breakers and loadcentres an industry leader.
    Our Qwik-Open (QO) circuit breaker technology provides superior electrical protection and has never been duplicated.  Innovative solutions such as our Surgebreaker® Plus whole house surge protection and Arc-D-tect® arc fault circuit interrupters provide additional protection for the electrical system of a home.
    Three phase QO loadcentres provide the same superior circuit protection in a smaller foot print, low cost solution for light commercial and industrial applications, where a full featured distribution panel is not required. For these applications QO circuit breakers are available with higher interrupting ratings and accessories such as alarm contacts and shunt trips.

    QO circuit breakers feature:

    • 1-pole, 2-pole or 3-pole breakers
    • Visi-Trip(R mark) indication make it easy users to locate a tripped breaker
    • Qwik-Open (R mark) for superior circuit protection
    • Combination Slot / Robertson on wiring terminals for fast installation
    • GFCI  and Spa Packs for protection near water
    • CAFI offer time-saving diagnosis to aid trouble shooting
    • Lifetime warranty is offered on all QO circuit breakers

    QO loadcentres feature:

    • Split neutral bars for tidy wiring
    • Multiple ground bar locations to customized the panel to your needs
    • Flexible and convenient main and branch breaker knockouts
    • Spring loaded self-adjusting surface / flush trim reduces installation time
    • Low profile bus bars and insulated shielding improved safety and protection
    • Tin-plated one-piece copper bus helps prevent corrosion and ensures superior performance
    • Backed-out screws on neutral, ground a and twin and quad breaker terminals
    • Factory removed main breaker knockout
    • Lifetime warranty is offered on all QO loadcentres


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