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Square D Meter Centres

240V and 600V metering equipment

Designed to provide a compact and versatile metering and distribution centre to suit today's residential and commercial markets.

Square D Meter Centres
  • Features

    Square D Meter Centres are designed to provide a compact and versatile metering and distribution centre to suit today's residential, and industrial markets.
    All metering stacks are shipped from the factory with meter sockets and vertical bus bars pre-installed, and require a minimum of on site labour time to install the circuit breakers and main bus links.
    All meter stacks are designed for CSA Type A “cold metering” in which
    the individual sub-service breakers are connected on the line side of the
    meter sockets thereby protecting the meter and all electrical equipment
    installed subsequent to it.
    600V Meter Centres feature a 4-high 125A 7-jaw meter stack, plus a 1-high and 4-high 200A 7-jaw meter stack. No other metering system provides the same advantages of installation convenience and subsequent time-saving economy.
    These features, along with the modular design, produce a top quality
    Meter Centre that will provide dependable service well into the future.

    • 400A to 1200A main bus capacity
    • 100/125A, and 200A meter sockets with 4, 5, or 7 Jaws
    • Meter stacks rated at 240V max. single or three phase, and 600V max. three phase
    • Up to 200A sub-service capacity
    • 2 or 3-pole sub-service circuit breakers
    • Left-hand or right-hand entry available on all meter stacks
    • Provision for top and/or bottom exiting of sub-service load
    wiring from all meter stacks
    • CSA Type A “cold metering”
    • Combined 125/200A meter stacks
    • “Hook and Hang” provision/mounting rail
    • Painted to an ASA49 grey finish
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