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Isolated Power System


Isolation Power System, small local network comprising an isolation transformer, a line isolation monitor, and its Branch circuits designed for Surgical Applications, Systems intended for Life Support, and applications dedicated to Medical Electrical Equipment.UL Listed System for NFPA 99 and NEC Chapter Six: Isolation Power Systems Requirements

Schneider Eletric
Isolated Power System
  • Features

    Dual Voltage Panels – System designed to support 120 V Surgical Applications as well as 208V (240V) Medical Electrical Equipment in one common back box and trim
    Duplex Panels – Allow for two systems to leverage one back box and trim

    • Ideal for expanding needs in surgical applications for power needing multiple systems
    • Reduced depth solution to supply one single circuit for 208V or 240V in one of the compartments well supplying the 120 V requirements from the other
    • Compartmentalize with a none removable barrier supporting applications where both Standard and Emergency Power is required (Life Support)

    Standard Panels – Compact solution for all 120 V distribution power applications
    Control Panels – Designed to support multiple rooms with 208V (240V) Medical Electrical Equipment applications, PLC Controlled to limit the number of energized circuits



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