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Type F Fractional Horsepower Starters

2510 / 2512 Single and two pole starters

Type F Fractional Horsepower Starters

Type F Fractional Horsepower Starters
  • Features

    Available in one or two pole versions
    ·         Both one-pole and two-pole versions are suitable for use with AC single phase motors rated up to 1 horsepower. Two-pole starters may also be used with DC
    ·         Motors rated up to 0.75 horsepower
    ·         Voltage Rating
    ·         277 VAC maximum (1 or 2 pole)
    ·         230 VDC maximum (2 pole only)
    ·         Continuous Current Rating- 16 A
    Available in
    ·         NEMA Type 1 enclosures (oversized and flush mount enclosure option available)
    ·         NEMA Type 4 enclosures (with zinc alloy die casting)
    ·         NEMA Type 3R, 7 & 9 (cast aluminum enclosure)
    ·         Red or green neon pilot light units are available and factory installed in NEMA Type 1 surface and flush mounting as well as NEMA Type 4 enclosures. They are also available as a field modification kit for NEMA Type 1 enclosures and gray flush plates
    ·         Other accessories like handle guard/lock-off, terminals, and etc are available
    Starters will not operate without properly installed thermal units. Install thermal units so that the markings face the front of the starter
    Meets UL and CSA requirements


    Type F fractional horsepower starters provide overload protection as well as manual “On-Off” control for small motors in a variety of industrial and commercial installations.


    Typical applications include fans, conveyors, pumps, and small machine tools.

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