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TeSys K, D, SK Control relays

IEC Control Relays

TeSys control relays in multipole configurations up to 11 poles

TeSys K, D, SK Control relays
  • Features

    ·         600 volts rated.
    ·         TeSys K 4-pole base unit
    ·         TeSys D 5-pole base unit
    ·         All screw connections have IP20 finger-safe terminals with both North American and International terminal markings
    ·         TeSys control relays can be panel mounted with screws or DIN rail mounted
    ·         Easily Installed Accessories
    ·         Auxiliary contact blocks with serrated wiping action
    ·         Front mount dust tight auxiliary contact blocks
    ·         Pneumatic time delay blocks
    ·         Transient voltage surge suppressors
    ·         Interface modules and electronic timers
    ·         Mechanical latching blocks
    ·         Control Circuit Flexibility
    TeSys control relays are available with AC or DC operating coils. Several devices utilize a low consumption dc coil with built-in transient suppression for operation with a low-level dc signal from a computer or PLC without need for an interposing relay
    ·         A choice of wiring connections, including spring terminals, ring tongue terminals, slip-on terminals and screw clamps, provides flexibility in meeting specific, application. requirements.


    Take control of integration
    The TeSys control relays offer high reliability with long mechanical and electrical life and the most complete line of accessories in the industry


    Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:
    ·         TeSys D contactors have been designed for perfect integration in control systems
    ·         They can be used to create motor starters for any type of application
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