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Drives Controller - Altivar IMC

1000 instructions in 942 µs Web Server, CANopen, PLCopen

End of Commercialization

30% less costly than a conventional PLC-based solution

Drives Controller - Altivar IMC
  • Features

    ATV-IMC Integrated Controller Card for Altivar 61 and 71 variable speed drives

    • A more intelligent drive
      Performs more complex operations (2MB memory)
      . Reduces program loading time (Mini-B USB connectors)
      . Communicates with all other system devices (embedded Ethernet connection and CANopen port)

    • A more open human-machine interface
      Direct customisation of the Altivar drive's graphic display (8 lines of 24 characters)
      . Dedicated ATV-IMC menu
      . Customisable menu tailored to the application


    • Open and communicative
      . Totally transparent access to all other devices in the system architecture via CANopen with FDT/DTM technology.
      . The ATV-IMC Integrated Controller Card can also use the :
      - Drive local I/O
      - Drive extension I/O card
      - Drive communication option card
      - Encoder interface card speed feedback counter
      - Drive parameters (speed, current, torque, etc.)



    Integrated controller card Altivar IMC for Altivar 61 and 71 variable speed drives

    Altivar IMC Integrated Controller Card has been designed in order to satisfy the OEM  requirements in terms of performance, simplicity of installation and evolution.
    The ATV-IMC Integrated Controller Card is used to adapt the variable speed drive to specific applications by integrating control system functions.


    ATV-IMC integrates seamlessly into numerous different application architectures, including :

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