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    Driving resource efficiency

    Resource Efficiency Services

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Gaining true visibility of your site.
You know your current consumption and you know your reduction goals. Now the hard part. You have to actually start making the investment decisions that will take you where you want to go. In many cases, we find our clients do not have true visibility or understanding of what the sustainability impacts of their site are.

  • Solutions

    Our Resource Efficiency Services operate at a practical level. In this program, our engineers go on-site to evaluate and carry out studies to understand the opportunities available in areas like reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency , achieving cost savings and operating more sustainably.
    A typical resource efficiency study can evaluate and incorporate sustainability initiatives like: water consumption reduction, implementation of renewable energy projects, waste reduction activities, recycling optimization and energy & carbon reductions.
  • Value Proposition

    Undertaking a Resource Efficiency Study can uncover significant improvements sites can incorporate. It’s extremely difficult for businesses to examine and evaluate the true sustainability of their site(s) since there are many components to take into account – processes and supply chain right down to specific product materials. We can help you understand available opportunities to save money and evaluate the impact to your facilities.
  • Differentiation

    We have a global engineering focus with an objective approach – we don’t sell one service, we adapt and develop innovative solutions for your business. Our goal is to help drive energy, waste, water and chemicals utilization efficiency and ultimately cost reduction throughout our client’s business footprint.
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Resource Efficiency Services

At Schneider Electric, we have an industry-leading approach to resource efficiency, looking at impact areas beyond energy including water, wastewater, waste & recycling, chemicals and raw materials utilization. Our goal is to make you more efficient by delivering actionable resource conservation measures for cost and sustainability impact reduction. Our team of global engineers combines experience with an objective approach to align with your goals and budget.