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Cybersecurity Services for Your Data Center

You probably already have robust cybersecurity for your servers and network. However, your control systems and building networks are subject to increased cybersecurity threats. Our data center cybersecurity services offer a full range of assessment, planning, policy management, and defense methodologies to counter these threats and extend your data center protection.
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Reliable, Resilient, & Confidential

• Schneider Electric offers expert services to help plan, design and deploy solutions that cover all domains of the data center.
• Protection is extended into parts of the data center that could be vulnerable such as building, power, and HVAC systems.
• Proven methodologies and scientifically created standards for assessing your needs and costs.


• A flexible design approach that will grow, expand and evolve with your operation without excessive capital outlay or overbuilding
• Full range of assessment, planning, policy management, and defense methodologies
• Take advantage of our experience and support, including cyber updates services through an annual maintenance contract.

Data Center Cybersecurity Services

Data centers have never been more crucial to the organizations they serve, often-times representing no less than the lifeblood of the company. At the same time, they are becoming increasingly complex, with huge numbers of high-powered, typically virtualized servers running a vast array of applications. All the while, companies are under pressure to cut energy costs and foster sustainability. Keep your data center protected with Schneider’s consulting services.


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