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    Solutions for onshore Oil & Gas production

    Field Devices for Measurement & Instrumentation

    Accutech Wireless Instrumentation and Foxboro Field Devices

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Measurement Solutions

Schneider Electric's Foxboro Field Devices & Accutech Instrumentation offerings are in demanding oil & gas applications that need accuracy & robustness monitoring pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical & valve positioner measurements.

  • Solutions

    Foxboro Field Devices are an important choices for oil & gas producers who want competitive advantages, lowered operating costs, and higher profits. We provide unique solutions that make major differences in critical applications.

  • Value Proposition

    Business Value

    • Measureable Real-Time Results
    • Actionable information
    • Optimized Well Production
    • Operational Excellence
    • Low cost deployment and lower cost of operation
    • Easy to install and use
  • Differentiation

    Accutech and Foxboro Field Devices

    • Unmatched asset lifetimes
    • Best-in-class performance
    • Compatibility with existing instrumentation
    • Outstanding ease of use
    • Longest warranties
    • Lowest cost of ownership
    • Integrated power & communications
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    Foxboro Pressure Transmitters
    Reliable and robust sensor technology

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    Foxboro Multiphase Measurement

    Well testing optimization

    Reduce costs, equipment and foot print

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    Accutech Instrumentation's low cost deployment and operation.

    Low cost of deployment, no wires, no trenching, no conduit

    Low cost of operations with limited maintenance

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    Accutech Instrumentation is easy to install and use.

    Fully integrated power, communications and instrumentation

    Easy to mount on any structure, quick configuration from keypad or remotely

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    Versatile selection of Accutech Instrumentation with certified durability and safety.

    A selection of Pressure, Temperature, Level, I/O, Flow, Acoustic Monitor, and Valve Controller instruments

    CSA Class 1, Div 1 to measure points in your most hazardous environments and applications

    Explosion proof housing