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    Weather for Health Care

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Maximize Patient and Staff Safety
During severe weather, patient and staff safety is your top concern; so are critical power interruptions. Better manage these and other challenges, plus their associated risks, with the most accurate weather insight available today.
  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric's weather decision support solutions can help you better manage your weather-related challenges. From providing a safer facility to protecting your budget through smarter operational decisions, we are here to help.
  • Value Proposition

    • Improve patient and staff safety: proactively mitigate severe weather risks – including power interruptions to your facility
    • Reduce energy costs and improve efficiency: optimize generator use and improve your building’s HVAC efficiencies
    • Optimize scheduling to prepare for an influx of patients: determine appropriate staffing levels for weather events and reschedule elective surgeries
    • Improve overall public perception: avoid a negative public image from poor handling of weather-related emergencies
  • Differentiation

    • Real-time, local lightning information and customizable alerts
    • Top-rated temperature and precipitation forecasts for the past eight consecutive years
    • Option to install or integrate on-site weather sensors and leverage the data to create site-specific forecasts with maximum accuracy
    • The only provider to allow you to ask your weather questions online to an experienced meteorologist, for answers within minutes
    • Web services that allow you to easily integrate valuable weather information into your existing systems


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    Better schedule elective surgeries, staffing, and maintenance with detailed 15-day forecasts, featuring hourly outlooks for the next 72 hours
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    Guard against power loss and surges with real-time lightning strike information and management tools that help improve generator-use decisions
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    Protect patients and staff from severe weather with patented, custom weather alerts for valuable lead time to you move people to safer locations