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    HMI Design, Programming and Optimization

    Our experts help deliver tailored HMI solutions to support your plant operators’ efficiency and situational awareness.

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Custom HMI design aids visualization

Custom-designed HMIs help operators visualize the context of their actions, while delivering real-time decision support.
  • Benefits and features

    • Improved operator situational awareness, based on a deep understanding of how the plant is performing.
    • Operators can optimize operations with real-time awareness of the impact of changes.
    • Improved safety, product quality and productivity; deviations from normal operating ranges are clearly annunciated and can be corrected before alarm levels are reached.
  • Situational Awareness: The Next Leap in HMI Design White Paper

    Implementing improvements in the mechanisms used to control and operate industrial systems can improve both its business value and safety.

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    Oil refinery control room screen
  • Situational awareness for operators Datasheet

    Learn how the Foxboro Evo Control HMI improves situational awareness for operators.

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    Contact our Customer Care Center to learn more about the right services for your business.
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