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EcoStruxureTM Building Expert

Integrated small- to medium-sized building management

Delivering programmable control and enabling 24/7 monitoring of HVAC, lighting, and metering systems – all at an affordable price.

EcoStruxureTM Building Expert
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    EcoStruxureTM Building Expert (formerly known as SmartStruxure™ Lite solution) is a fast, easy way to future-fit small- to medium-sized buildings using Web and wireless technology to control HVAC, lighting and metering. Save energy, save time, and improve comfort with minimal impact on operations.

    • Get control – Control your energy cost and improve comfort – we help you do it!
    • Get efficient – Efficiency and energy savings for any size building, new constructions and retrofits.
    • Get value – A cost-effective investment now and in the future.

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    EcoStruxure Building Expert: Our open system approach to standards and protocols (PDF)

    High performance meets affordability
    With the introduction of EcoStruxure Building Expert, small- to medium-sized buildings now have an affordable building management solution to meet their needs. By providing anytime, anywhere access to building information on a simple user interface, EcoStruxure Building Expert lowers energy costs without compromising on comfort. 

    EcoStruxure Building Expert is an open system offering programmable control and management of a buildings’ HVAC, lighting and metering using EcoStruxure Building Expert, a no-license-fee web interface.

    The backbone of the EcoStruxure Building Expert are multi-purpose management devices (MPM) that combine programmable controller, gateway, and Web server duties in a single device. The MPM (MPM-GW, MPM-UN and MPM-VA) hosts EcoStruxure Building Expert, so no special gateway or server is needed, thereby providing the lowest fixed cost per location for small and medium buildings.

    MPM devices can network via daisy-chain, IP/Ethernet or ZigBee® wireless mesh. They can manage wired (analogue and digital inputs and outputs), Modbus®, EnOcean® (wireless) and ZigBee (wireless) end-devices.

    End-devices with dedicated objects in EcoStruxure Building Expert for an even easier integration:

    • SE7000 Series room controllers
    • SE8000 Series room controllers
    • EnOcean products, including lighting control
    • Metering products such as the PM750 and ION6200