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Compact NSXm NA

Switch disconnectors from 50A up to 160A

Compact NSXm NA switch disconnectors from 50A up to 160A

Compact NSXm NA
  • Merkmale

    A switch disconnector is a control device that can be used to open and close a circuit under normal operating conditions.
    Compact NSXm NA switch disconnectors are self protected by the high set magnetic release.
    The Compact switches offer all the safety any user requires, it can be adapted to fit many LV applications. Designed for maximum performance and safety, this comprehensive range is compatible with all NSXm circuit-breakers.

    • Voltage rating: 690 V
    • Nominal current: 50A to 160 A
    • Categories: AC22A/AC23A
    • Available in 3 and 4-pole versions
    • Suitable for isolation with positive contact indication
    • Available in fixed and plug-in version
    • Compatible with all same accessories as Compact NSXm circuit-breakers

    Ihre Vorteile

    Time saving: Flexible platform and easy-to-install
    • Built‑in DIN rail and plate mount capability
    • Flexible connectors easily interchangeable
    • Field‑installable  and spring-type auxiliaries externally visible

    Space saving:

    • Small footprint (H: 150mm x W: 81mm x D: 102mm)


    • Busbar coupling and isolation
    • Isolation of industrial distribution boards and industrial control panels
    • Isolation of sub-distribution boards and modular devices
    • Isolation of local enclosures
    • Isolation of final distribution enclosures for commercial applications
    • Industrial control panel switch disconnectors