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    The history of APC

    With nearly four decades of innovation, APC by Schneider Electric is the most trusted brand in critical power, cooling and IT management.

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    Building upon its technological preeminence in single-phase power protection and physical IT infrastructure, American Power Conversion (APC) has become a global leader in critical power and cooling solutions, serving customers in homes, data centers, buildings and industries around the world.

    Milestone Dates

    • Three MIT engineers form American Power Conversion (APC) with a focus on solar energy.
    • The company shifts focus to power protection for PCs and introduces its first UPS.
    • APC introduces its revolutionary power management software, PowerChute.
    • APC launches the Smart-UPS line, which is still recognized as the industry benchmark.
    • The company enters the residential tech market with PowerShield, a solution for home applications.
    • The company brings the PowerStuxure architecture to the network-critical physical infrastructure market.
    • APC revolutionizes the data center market with InfraStruxure, its integrated solution for power, cooling, racks and management.
    • APC acquires NetBotz to expand its portfolio of data center monitoring solutions.
    • Schneider Electric acquires APC and merges it with the leader in three-phase UPS systems (MGE), to become the solution leader in critical power and cooling.

    Schneider Electric history

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