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MasterPact MTZ

Interruptores de corte en aire de 630 a 6300 A embebidos con módulos digitales

El futuro en tus manos, Masterpact MTZ comprende un amplio rango de interruptores de corte en aire diseñados para proteger sistemas eléctricos, tales como daños ocasionados por sobrecarga, cortocircuito y fallas a tierra. Junto a sus módulos digitales avanzados y su unidad de control electrónica MicroLogic X contribuyen a la seguridad y eficiencia energética.

Interruptores automáticos en aire
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        MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers are available in three different frame sizes and can be customized according to your needs.

        Configuration is easy to carry out based on your specific requirements prior to placing your order.

        For a fast, secure, smart way to select and configure your MasterPact MTZ, click on the blue “product selector” button above.


        Configuration is easy. Simply select your preferred characteristics, options, auxiliaries and digital modules.Compared with the traditional way of filling up order forms or specifying customer functions, it brings the following benefits:

        • One location where you can select all the electrical devices you need for your installation. No sign-in required!
        • Step-by-step selection - turning complicated product selection & configuration into a smooth and simple process - thanks to a state-of-the-art, intuitive and interactive interface
        • Choose from an unlimited number of products and configurations, and add them to your basket, for all your smart panel need
        • Easy ordering from connected distributor websites and e-commerce web shops

        Click on the blue product selector button and select, configure and order your Future-Ready MasterPact MTZ today!

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