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    Estructura de data center preconfigurada hasta 100kW incluyendo energía, refrigeración, racks y gerenciamiento.


    Estructura de data center preconfigurada hasta 100kW incluyendo energía, refrigeración, racks y gerenciamiento.

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Deploying converged infrastructure enables quick and easy installation of IT equipment in close proximity to data intensive applications in private cloud and converged IT environments.

InfraStruxure Life Cycle Services

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  • Solutions

    Pre-configured data center infrastructure from the edge (1-2 racks) to the core of the data center (up to 20 racks -100KW) including power, cooling, racks and management. Scalable and adaptable physical infrastructure integrated on-site.
  • Value Proposition

    Integrated assemble-on-site physical infrastructure solutions that provide seamless hardware compatibility and virtualization integration which enables IT rooms and data centers to adapt easily, efficiently and quickly to ever changing business requirements.
  • Differentiation

    APC by Schneider Electric introduced the first standardized, integrated system to hit the market in 2003 with rules based automated design tools and fast and easy software integration.
Small Data Center


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InfraStruxure is the scalable and adaptable data center IT room architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation. Power, cooling, racks, security and management components are conceived and tested as part of an integrated data center solution which is evident in the aesthetics, functionality and ease of management software integration. Additionally, Schneider Electric provides an infrastructure and physical management wrapper around the class leading converged infrastructure from Cisco and NetApp.


  • Small Data Center
    • Robust, flexible rack to quickly and easily install server and network devices, converged infrastructure
    • Efficient climate control
    • Various capacities and densities available
    • Local and remote monitoring
    • Physical security
    • Early fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing
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    • Reduced risk: pre-validated configurations help ensure proper deployment of the current applications on the new infrastructure
    • Accelerated deployment: unified and standard architecture reduces transition downtime and management overhead
    • Flexibility: a wide variety of applications and workloads is supported through proven hardware and software combinations
    • Pretested solutions: reduce deployment, procurement, and setup times
    • Modular infrastructure: enables IT to build a right-sized data center and avoid underutilization of resources