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    Clinical Environment Optimization

    Harness the benefits of interoperability between clinical and facility systems.

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High energy bills, budget constraints and increasing patient loads are driving healthcare stakeholders to seek new ways to improve efficiency and productivity across their organizations.
  • Solution

    Clinical Environment Optimization integrates the clinical and facility infrastructures to deliver new opportunities for energy savings, as well as improve hospital productivity and patient satisfaction. The new solution enables advanced energy efficiency based on room occupancy data.

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    • Advantages

      • Connect to existing infrastructure systems using BACnet, LONworks, and Modbus.
      • Integrate into a single or multiple clinical systems, such as the hospital's Admission, Discharge, and Transfer system.
      • Set flexible energy profiles for different departments or hospital areas.
      • Access comprehensive system audit logs and set-back reports.
      • Integrate easily with AdaptiApps for Healthcare - Schneider Electric's mobile patient room control app.


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      Save energy by automatically adjusting room conditions based on occupancy data.
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      Improve staff productivity through new insight into room availability for maintenance and cleaning.
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      Enhance patient satisfaction by setting room conditions to the patient's preferences at check-in or through the patient room control mobile app.