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    Your home, your style

    Express your personality in interior design with a huge variety of stylish, customizable switches and outlets.

Give your home the right finishing touches

Your home is your canvas, it gives you a great opportunity to experiment with different colors, shapes, and materials. With our huge variety of electrical finishings, switches and outlets, there’s a style for everyone – just match to taste.


  • 150 designs of switches and outlets available worldwide
  • 15 design awards since 2009
  • 454 colors of switches available
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Inspírate con Mix & Match

Descubre una infinidad de posibilidades para crear un interior hogareño único que refleje tu estilo de vida y personalidad.
Descubre Mix & Match
  • Bold style for your electrical fittings

    Odace is a comprehensive range of switches and outlets designed to complement practically any interior style, personal taste, and creative concept. Manufactured with high-quality materials and focus on reliability and safety, the range is a perfect choice for home makeovers.

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  • Un universo de posibilidades

    La línea de apagadores Merten de rango M proporcionan confort y funcionalidad con eficiencia e inteligencia añadida. La diversidad de diseños premium de nuestras líneas, garantizan ser la opción correcta para cualquier gusto y estilo

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  • Curves in all the right places

    The smooth lines of Lisse range add an understated elegance to modern interiors. Designed with great attention to detail Lisse wiring accessories offer the perfect blend of style and performance.

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  • A wide range of styles

    Exxact features a wide palette of designs, colors, materials and functions, from standard to high-end segments. Designed for fast and easy installation, it’s perfect for upgrades and modifications.

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    ¿Cómo instalar un apagador?

    Sigue nuestra guía paso a paso para instalar de forma correcta y segura.
    • Odace Descubre lo rápido y fácil que es instalar los enchufes y apagadores Odace
    • Descubre la oferta de Odace
    • Explora tu imaginación
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    Stylish finishings

    The secret to a beautiful home is in the details. With our numerous product lines, designed to cater to diverse tastes and requirements from around the world, you can easily find the finishings that will blend seamlessly with your home interior and complement its style.
    • New ideas, new styles

      Looking for interior design ideas? Browse to find solutions for your dream home.

      Check out Houzz
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