eSetup Easergy Pro V4.0.1

eSetup Easergy Pro V4.0.1

The eSetup Easergy Pro software is the setting and operating tool for Easergy protection relays. It may be used: - prior to commissioning and without connection to Easergy relays, to prepare Easergy protection and parameter settings, during commissioning, on a PC connected point-to-point to the Easergy relays front panel: to load, unload and modify protection and parameter settings and to obtain all measurements and useful information during commissioning, - during operation, on a PC connected to a set of Easergy relays via Ethernet communication network in order to manage the protection system, to monitor the status of the electrical network and to run diagnostics on any incidents affecting the electrical network. Compatibility with Windows 10 Compatibility with Easergy P1, Easergy P3 and Easergy P5 devices.







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Easergy Pro v4.0.1 Installer (.exe)

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eSetup Easergy Pro

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