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How To Limit User Access To WebReach

WebReach (IIS) does not have any security in its programming.  However, you can use NT security to limit access to folders which contains the diagrams of the meters.  The diagrams are of file extension *.dgm and they can be located where you installed ...ION Enterprise\config\diagrams\ud.

Example 1:
If you only want group A to have access to WebReach, you will need to change the permissions on the folder that contains the network.dgm.  You will need to deny access to everyone except for Group A and system administrator.

Example 2:
You only want Ted to have access to Meter1.  However, Meter1.dgm file is contained in a folder that has more than one meter.

  • Move Meter1.dgm to another folder, then change permissions on the folder.
  • Change the location of the dgm file in Vista.  To change the location of the file in Vista, locate the meter's icon then right-click on the meter's icon.  Select the Action tab and choose Open File.  Next, browse to the location of the dgm file.

To change the folder security permissions:
  • Right click on the folder and select properties
  • Select the Action tab
  • Then add or remove users until you have the permissions you want

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