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    The EUREF Campus - Innovation Hub of the "Energy Transition"

    On the EUREF campus, renewable energy sources such as sun and wind or a base-loadable block-type thermal power station supply electricity to buildings, electric vehicles, ofces and event venues. Distributed power generators and consumers are controlled by a power grid digitiied by Schneider Electric: the Micro Smart Grid. Taking into account forecast data and current market prices, the higher-level management platform optimises the efficiency.

    The EUREF Campus - Innovation Hub of the "Energy Transition"

    The aim is to relieve the public grid through predictable energy flows and to increase the usable share of renewable energies. The Micro Smart Grid has been in operation since 2012 and has already achieved impressive savings: supplying Berlin with energy for 11 minutes, orbiting the earth 30 times with an electric vehicle, compensating for 104 tons of CO2. The EUREF Campus also operates the largest electric charging station in Germany with over 30 charging boxes.

    The EUREF Campus - Innovation Hub of the "Energy Transition"

    Photovoltaic systems on different buildings and carports provide renewable energy for fueling the electric vehicles, which also serve as mobile storage in the smart grid. At the newly built stations for inductive charging, autonomous vehicles load themselves independently. As a flagship project and source of inspiration for the Energy Transition in Germany, the EUREF Campus has been meeting the climate goals of the Federal Government for 2050 since 2014. This is not just talking about the energy turnaround, here it is daily routine.

    Our office in Berlin at a glance

    An example of the combination of high ofce quality with a largely climate-neutral energy and heat supply is the new EUREF Campus 12-13. Schneider Electric is one of 14 tenants to integrate its intelligent building and energy management system. It is designed to control loads and generators, to respond to real-time conditions and to find predictions. Power distribution, building automation and on-campus energy management - developed by Schneider Electric.

    Our office in Berlin at a glance

    We have the convenient opportunity to demonstrate some of our products and solutions directly in the field application:

    1. • LEED Platinum Certified (LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the most widely used sustainable building program in the world, with more than 1.5 million square feet of foor space certified in 135 countries every day)
    2. • Energy-efficient insulation materials
    3. • Heating and cooling of the offices via concrete core activation
    4. • Energy monitoring over the entire building as well as for each individual tenant
    5. • Reports with benchmarking data for all tenants
    6. • Triple glazed windows with integrated sunshades and smart facades
    7. • Automatic control of offices lighting according to presence and daylight

    The zeeMobase - the heart of the Smart Grid

    The showroom of zeeMobase (Zero Emission Mobility Base) is the heart of the Micro Smart Grid. The control center is also a showroom and visualises all connected elements within the grid. At a terminal, all data can be displayed in real-time (around 600 pieces of information per minute). The aim is, to bring structure and integration closer to the user. With the showroom, we bring customers and interested parties closer to the topic of sustainability, in conjunction with the opportunities for the city of tomorrow.

    The zeeMobase - Largest car charging station of Germany

    Two car sharing stations with a total of more than 30 charging stations provide a variety of technologies, from fast charging to AC charging with energy management to inductive charging. Here, all charging methods can be tested and experienced live. We are proud to help shapeing the electromobility with the largest electric filling station in Germany at the EUREF Campus in Berlin.

    The zeeMobase - Make electricity storable

    One of the major challenges in the supply of renewable energy is the limited capability to save the electricity. Peak loads arising in windy and sunny weather are opposed by periods of low production from regenerative energy (e.g. at night). The zeeMobase is equipped with two energy storage units that perform optimised load and feed scenarios in the Micro Smart Grid. Depending on the scenario, control algorithms increase the share of renewable energies for charging electric vehicles at the connected electric charging station.

    At a glance: working at Schneider Electric in Berlin

    • Experience it live: The city of tomorrow is planned here
    • 150 employees work in three floors in a state-of-the-art environment
    • Design of residential and functional buildings with solutions in the field of building technology in order to build and live as energy-efficiently as possible
    • Working in the start-up environment, vis-a-vis with emerging companies in the industry
    • Large beach volleyball court, basketball courts and ping-pong tables
    • SXILLS gym with versatile, progressive training in small groups; In addition, in the Cheruskerpark in the immediate vicinity of the campus, fitness equipment is available in the open air
    • 4 restaurants with extensive lunch specials, discounted by vouchers
    • Snack box and lounges with cofee, tea, water, kicker and a console that can be played together

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Please turn around: How Schneider Electric successfully implements the energy transition

The "Energiewende", that has been pushed by the German government is one of the biggest challenges a country has ever faced. We help to implement them successfully.

Why electricity does not come from the socket - What is decentralised energy supply?

Germany wants to rely fully on renewable energies in the future. This requires completely new approaches, because the power from the socket comes from thousands of systems. How to organise electricity and consumption? The keyword is decentralised energy supply.
Solaranlage vor der Skyline einer Stadt

Energy and sustainability consulting - how to save our customers CO2

Energy efficiency and climate protection go hand in hand. Where less electricity is used, it is clear that less CO2 is emitted. Stefan Klepzig explains why the reduction of CO2 is an important success factor for companies.

Smart Buildings - Into the future with intelligence and efficiency

Intelligent, connected and automated: Real estate makes an important contribution to energy efficiency and comfort. What should a building that in a sense "self-control" offer advantages? We explain it!

Self-sufficient energy supply - Are we ready to disconnect?

Our expert Carl Tille is convinced that in the future self-sufficiency in energy will not only prevail in more and more households, the "self-sufficient energy supply" is even necessary for the implementation of the energy transition.

Big Data - How useful is the big data collection?

Everyone wants to make big data today - is it worthwile or not? We explain why data should be in demand instead of mass and why we prefer to call this "smart data".

Working Worlds 4.0 - Meet ME 2018 at Schneider Electric

The "meetME" offers students from STEM programs a colourful program of workshops, lectures, partner speed dating and plenty of room for networking. The participants? 120 times concentrated expertise, motivation and curiosity with regard to one's future career.
Woman using an electric charging station to power her vehicle. Sustainability, EVlink

Are we ready for the change? - Why e-mobility is still in its infancy

The traffic revolution is in full swing and e-mobility is on everyone's lips. There is a lot of discussion, but the switch from the combustion engine to the electric motor is slow - but we couldn't be much further away? We show the challenges and solutions.

Apprenticeship meeting at the EUREF Campus

Together with OBETA we invited for the fourth time to the joint two-day meeting at our location on the EUREF campus. 90 apprentists took the opportunity to network and gained detailed insights into a variety of electrical engineering products and their applications.
  • The EUREF campus is located in the heart of Berlin-Schöneberg. Popular living quarters and the small distance to the center as well as the colorful life on the street attract tenants from other parts of the city, business people as well as the art and cultural scene alike. In addition to a creative urban environment, the EUREF campus offers excellent regional and international transport connections between the center of Berlin and the future Berlin Brandenburg (BER) airport. The new airport can be reached in about 20 minutes from the about 900 meters distant station Südkreuz, which is also connected to the ICE network. The city highway A 100 is in direct proximity. The S-Bahn stations Schöneberg and Julius-Leber-Brücke are also in close proximity to the entrances of the EUREF campus. From there, there are only three stops to Potsdamer Platz.
  • Renters in the capital have to expect a basic rent of 12 € per square meter on average. The average value for single-family building land in Berlin is around € 400 per square meter. To commute daily from the surrounding area, pays off only partially. Every Berlin district has its own character. In the middle of the "scene" you are on Prenzlauer Berg, in Friedrichshain and in Kreuzberg. Dignified and chic it is in Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf. In Berlin-Mitte, however, you do not live, but come to visit. In demand again are the eastern outskirts of Berlin. Districts such as Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Lichtenberg, which for a long time had a negative image, are gaining in popularity. And not just in the few villa areas or the noble new buildings that are there. No, the "Platte" is back in. Young people, who grew up in the reunification period, are increasingly moving into renovated apartment blocks, called "Platte".
  • A total of more than 2,500 public parking and recreation facilities make Berlin a green city. Those who stroll through the Grunewald on balmy summer evenings, take a stroll in the garden of Schloss Charlottenburg or caress pot-bellied pigs on the Domäne Dahlem may sometimes forget that they live in a metropolis with around 3.6 million inhabitants. If the stressed-out capitalist wants to relax once, he does not have to drive to the nearby Mark Brandenburg, even the city itself offers many green oases. In the center of Berlin is a large park: the Tiergarten. Animals are hardly rare here to find today, but a romantic lake and the associated "Café am Neuen See" with its large beer garden. There are also numerous parks in various parts of the city, such as the Tempelhofer Freiheit, the Volkspark Friedrichshain, the Gardens of the World in Marzahn and the Britzer Garten. Berlin is crossed by the Havel and Spree, the most important canals are the Teltowkanal and the Landwehrkanal. Incidentally, you will find more bridges in Berlin than in Venice. Alone 6.7 percent of the urban area are water areas, more than 18 percent are covered by forest, another 11.9 percent are recreational areas. From the famous Wannsee lake to the large Tegeler See lake, many lakes invite you to swim in and around Berlin.
  • Berlin is one of the most important sports cities and sites in Europe. Not only because sports pioneer and gymnast Jahn held his first outdoor exercises in the Kreuzberg Hasenheide and not only because the German capital proudly looks at two premiership football clubs with Hertha BSC and Union Berlin. From archery to dance and volleyball to Ju-Jutsu and more than 200 gyms, there are nowhere else in Germany more possibilities for doing or experiencing sports. Unique is the former Tempelhof Airport. It is the largest inner-city area in the world and invites to skate, stroll, picnic or skateboarding. Admission is free.
  • On the website of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family day-care centers and schools can be located according to their own requirements and districts. Berlin has more than 100 grammar schools, more than 100 secondary schools, four state universities as well as many other colleges with various degree programs and departments.
  • As varied as the many parts of Berlin are, so diversified are the restaurants. You want it home-style? In Charlottenburg you will find it. You want cheap international cuisine? Feast your way through Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg. You are after Arabic or African food? In Neukölln you will find the court of your choice. Fancy asian? Then off to the Prenzlauer Berg. And Berlin has much more to offer than international gastronomy, here there is the entire span of the down-to-earth German cuisine to starred restaurants such as the pure substance in Berlin-Mitte. In Kreuzberg, the well-known TV chef Tim Raue runs his eponymous restaurant. And the Currywurst belongs to Berlin like Hertha BSC, Brandenburg Gate and Berliner Bär. The specialty is sold in several hundred stalls in the city - from Kreuzberg to Charlottenburg, from Marzahn to Mariendorf - after all, the specialty is said to have been invented here. Regional specialties, refined finger food and authentic dishes from around the world are what Berlin's many small street food markets offer. The food and drinks on the markets spread throughout the city are usually prepared in front of the guest and promise new taste sensations even for little money. A special tip is the Markthalle 9 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which has been preserved from the 19th century. One focus of the resident dealers is on fair, organic and regionally produced products. The product range of the popular market hall includes fruit and vegetables, Berlin specialties and delicacies, as well as the usual suspects such as meat, sausage, cheese and baked goods. The range is rounded off by gastronomic facilities such as cafés and food stalls.
  • Berlin's cultural program is almost inexhaustible, the calendar of events full of exciting events. With more than 800 years of history, the city is perceived nationally and internationally as a cultural and creative metropolis. In the Gemäldegalerie you can admire some of the most famous paintings in art history and marvel at the works of famous painters such as Lucas Cranach and Michelangelo. It is also possible to purchase an annual pass for all state museums in Berlin from 25 euros. Fans of the performing arts will also get their money's worth in Berlin. Whether ballet, theater, musical, opera or cabaret - it's all there. The largest theater stage in the world is the Friedrichstadt-Palast. Known for its variety is the "Chameleon". Stories and History tell the sights and monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag or Checkpoint Charlie. An overview of Berlin's cultural world can be found on the Internet at: www.kulturprojekte.berlin

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