Historian OPC HDA Server V4.31
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Historian OPC HDA Server V4.31

The Historian OPC HDA Server provides Historian with an interface to systems using the OPC communication standard. This allows OPC Historical Data Access (OPC HDA) clients, direct access to a Historian database. This version introduces new Status Tag functionality that provides meta-information about historical data in Vijeo Historian; significantly improving interoperability with Ampla – Schneider Electric’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. This unique implementation prevents data loss when requesting time series data - working seamlessly with Historian's backfill technology and acquisition of late arriving data. Installation Instructions Supported versions: - Vijeo Historian V4.30 - Vijeo Historian V4.20 Please note that the download includes a Hotfix file that must be installed on Vijeo Historian V4.30 with the OPC HDA Server. Please contact Operation & Optimization Software Global Support if in any doubt.







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