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What is the recommended modem for use with ION Enterprise v5.6?

The MultiTech ZDX 5600 used to be the recommended modem, however this modem has been obsoleted and the succeeding version is the MultiTech ZDX 5656. Here are some of the relevant tests with regard to this modem:

  1. The hardware test team has successfully tested the compatibility between ZDX 5656 model and the ION meters.
  2. The ZDX 5656 passed basic functional tests when used as a Winmodem in ION Enterprise v5.6
  3. The ZDX 5656 is not a direct replacement for the ZDX 5600 and cannot be used with the MT ZDX 5600 modem type in ION Enterprise v5.6.
  4. The Remote Modem Setup tool cannot be used with these ZDX 5656 modems.

Date Created: May 4, 2009
Last Revised: May 4, 2009
Original Author: MC
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