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What are the available addresses for the Micrologic trip units

Addressing rules and compatibilities for Micrologic trip units

Product Line

Micrologic Trip Trip Function Breaker Types Type
2.2 (AB, G,M) LSI Compact NSX (250 A) Standard (IEC) (No Comms)
2.3 LSI Compact NSX (630 A)
3.2 LI Powerpact H & J Frame,  Compact NSX (250 A) Standard (No  Comms)
3.2S LSI
3.3 LI Powerpact L Frame, Compact NSX (630 A)
3.3S LSI
5.2A LSI Powerpact H & J Frame,  Compact NSX (250 A) Ammeter
5.3A LSI Powerpact L Frame, Compact NSX (630 A)
5.2E LSI Powerpact H & J Frame, Compact NSX (250A) Energy
5.3E LSI Powerpact L Frame, Compact NSX (630 A)
2.0 (IEC Only) LSO Powerpact P & R, Masterpact NT & NW, Compact NS630B-3200 Standard (No comms)
3.0 LI
5.0 LSI
2.0A (IEC Only) LSO Standard
3.0A LI
5.0A LSI
5.0P LSI Power
5.0H LSI Harmonics

Communication applications using Micrologic trip units and circuit breakers

Need the Modbus addresses associated with a Micrologic devices

There are three address configurations depending on the type of breaker, type unit, and communication device used.

BCM (optional with a CCM) connected to a Modbus Daisy Chain.
In this configuration, the trip unit acts as a Modbus slave to an Ethernet gateway device. The address range is 1 to 47. The default is 47.
Note that in this configuration the individual modules of the trip unit are addressed separately, see below.

  • Breaker Communication Module: @ Address xx
  • Metering Module: @ Address xx + 200
  • Protection Module: @ Address xx + 100
  • Cradle Communication Module: @ Address xx + 50

Using a IFM
The Modbus Interface Module bears the Modbus address. The user defines the Modbus address using the two address switches on the front panel of the Modbus on interface module, see below Figure. The address range is 1–99. Value 0 is reserved for broadcasting commands. The Modbus Interface Module is initially configured with address 99.

Using a IFE Module
The IFE accepts the Modbus address of the intelligent modular unit (IMU) to which it is connected. The Modbus address is 255 and cannot be changed.

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